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Other companies made the switch to avenue X group.
What's stopping you?

"We're so glad we made the switch to avenue X group.  Joe and his team have delivered on every promise.  They are the perfect example of the three R's:  Reliable, Rock solid and Responsible."


 - Janet Mulligan, Partner, TANTON AND COMPANY

"avenue X group came in and proved to be exactly as advertised. They respond when we need them and they anticipate problems before I even know they exist.

avenue X group certainly has made my life a lot easier, and it’s been a pleasure working with them."



"We have appreciated the avenue X group approach to I.T. solutions:  prompt, creative and sprinkled with a heavy dose of humor, which makes collaborating with them fun and productive!"

 - Tamar Datan, Executive Director, TRUESPARK

"We went with avenue X group because, of all the I.T. firms we met with, they were the only ones who said not to worry - they would get the problems resolved.  Nobody else said anything like that."


 - Jeff Wolk, President, FENWICK KEATS REAL ESTATE


"I feel like I am thanking avenue X group every week for taking such good care of us.

I don't know how they manage to be so on top of everything.  No matter how big or small our issues are, they seem to respond in minutes.

I especially appreciate how they follow up to make sure the problem is resolved or just check in occasionally to be sure we are running efficiently."


 - Suzanne Sobel, President, CONSIDER IT DONE

"avenue X group has provided our I.T. needs from the very beginning of our apparel start-up, and has always been there to provide support and answers for any issues that arose.  We really like that they take the initiative to ask us the intelligent questions to make sure our business is secure, protected and ready to expand as we move forward. Thank you!"


"avenue X group has been instrumental in improving and maintaining our computer, network, and IT security.  They are responsive and explain everything in English, not “tech speak”!"
 - Alison Besunder, Owner, ARDEN BESUNDER P.C.

"Thanks soooo much for your unrelenting, incredible work on what was my devastating and worst nightmare.  All of my stored information on my computer went missing in cyberspace, after a power outage in my office.  You were so patient and delightful to deal with, while assessing the situation at hand.  I cannot believe how easily you were able to figure out the problem after I had managed to erase everything with the touch of a button."


 - Barbara E. Schwartz, President, BS PROMOTIONAL FREEBIES, INC.

"avenue X group helped us overhaul all our servers. Our system was overly complicated, and crash prone. They took all the hassle and complication out of a scary project and got it done right. The project came in under budget and ahead of schedule, and now we have servers that perform faster, have rock-solid stability and are much easier to use."

 - Steve Lagerstrom, I.T. Director, THE BATTERY CONSERVANCY

"We had opened up our new office in Manhattan and required onsite technical support. Met with avenue X group on a Monday and the next day they were helping us out.  avenue X group came through with flying colors by helping us settle into our new office and take the lead on resolving various technical issues....avenue X group is the way to go!"

 - Sherwin Karunungan, IT Director, PROPHET

"After a few negative experiences with previous companies, I was delighted to find avenue X group. Their expertise, dedication, personal attitude and responsiveness is unparalleled. I know that when you deal with technology, you need reliable support behind you."

 - Moshe Ratson, Owner, SPIRAL2GROW

"As a small firm, I had cobbled together systems that worked for us – sort of. As time went on, though, these cobbled together systems were becoming increasingly rickety.  avenue X group came in and, instead of telling us we had to junk what we had and install all new systems (which just isn’t in the cards right now), they took our cobbled together system and in a few short hours gave us capabilities I had been dreaming of for years. We don’t have the budget now for a system overhaul, but it is simply amazing what a difference they made by being willing to take a look at what we had and what we wanted to do – and then finding a way to get us there with what we had. Thank you avenue X group!"



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